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Long-term Incubation Segment

Business Concept

Creating long-term, continuous incubation to contribute expanding DG Group

The Long-term Incubation Segment is aiming for a business model in which the results of continuous incubation are retained in the value of the DG Group’s investments, causing the value of these investments to rise in the long-term, such as a business collaboration with, a creation of a new media, and a commercialization of projects developed in DG Lab, as represented by Crypto Garage. Going forward, we will aim to create new businesses by strengthening cooperation with various partners.

LTI Segment

  • 株式会社カカクコム, Inc.

    Operates various web platforms such as a purchase support site ( , a restaurant discovery and reservation site (

  • 株式会社Crypto Garage

    Crypto Garage, Inc.

    Blockchain financial service R&D and business in the Fintech field

  • New Context, Inc.

    New Context, Inc.

    Provides unique disruptive solutions around data integrity

  • 株式会社ブレインスキャンテクノロジーズ



  • 株式会社アカデミー・デュ・ヴァン

    Academie Du Vin

    Manages educational program and retails of wine

  • 株式会社電通サイエンスジャム

    Dentsu ScienceJam Inc.

    Commercializes results of cutting-edge scientific research

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