Fact Sheet

Basic Information

Company Name Digital Garage, Inc.
Head Office DG Bldg., 3-5-7 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022, Japan
Established August 17th, 1995
Phone 03-6367-1111 (Main)
Fax 03-6367-1119
Stock listings Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st section
Revenue (Consolidated) 35,687 million yen (FY2019)
Profit before tax (Consolidated) 13,424 million yen (FY2019)
Profit attributable to owners of parent (Consolidated) 9,771 million yen (FY2019)
Total equity 47,345 million yen (As of 31st of March, 2019)
Total number of shares issued 47,341,600 (As of 31st of March, 2019)
Fiscal year end March 31st
DG Group Group Companies

Board Directors

Representative Director Kaoru Hayashi
Member, Board of Directors Makoto Soda
Member, Board of Directors Keizo Odori
Member, Board of Directors Masashi Tanaka
Member, Board of Directors Masahito Okuma
Member, Board of Directors Joichi Ito
Outside Director Kenji Fujiwara
Outside Director Emi Omura
Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee Chairperson Yasuyuki Rokuyata
Outside Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee Member Makoto Sakai
Outside Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee Member Junji Inoue
Outside Director, Audit and Supervisory Committee Member Koji Makino

Corporate Officer

President Executive Officer and Group CEO Kaoru Hayashi
Senior Executive Officer Makoto Soda
Senior Executive Officer Keizo Odori
Senior Executive Officer Masashi Tanaka
Senior Executive Officer Masahito Okuma
Senior Corporate Officer Hiroshi Shino
Senior Corporate Officer Shunsuke Kitada
Senior Corporate Officer Shinichiro Sato
Corporate Officer Tomoya Sasaki
Corporate Officer Naohiko Iwai
Corporate Officer Brian Yeh
Corporate Officer Katsuo Miyagi
Corporate Officer Daisuke Tominaga
Corporate Officer Debbie Altomonte
Corporate Officer Naomasa Shibuya