Digital Garage reaches commercial agreement with Memolane

Digital Garage, Inc. (JASDAQ: 4819, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President & Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi, henceforth DG) has reached commercial agreement and commenced cooperation with Memolane, (Head office: San Francisco, California, CEO: Eric Lagier), U.S.-based company developing and operating the service Memolane ( Memolane is the timeline of your life. It brings together all the moments you have documented through tweets, status updates, check-ins, photos, videos, and blog posts into a timeline that tells your stories. Based on mutual consent between DG and its subsidiary for investments and new business development, DG Incubation (henceforth DGI), DGI has made an investment in Memolane and it will represent the service in Japan and support the creation of its localized version.

Memolane was launched in beta-version in March 2011. Even though for the time being the service is only offered in English, it has seen amazing growth within international communities. Japanese users constitute as many as 17% of the service’s users, which is only second to the number of the U.S. users at 20%. The service is connected to such social media and API (application programming interface) as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, foursquare, Instagram, YouTube, among others. A user links their social media account with Memolane account and by doing so, their accumulated ‘online personal history’, including blogs, notes, pictures, movies and other content, is displayed on a single Memolane. Every happening listed on Memolane has a date assigned to it and can be searched by a keyword, which makes it easy for the users to track their own online past. According to the statement issued by Memolane today, the new version of the service allows its users to follow their friends’ accounts as well as group the accumulated content into categories.

As a strategic partner to Memolane, DG will support the service’s expansion in Japanese market by providing assistance with the development of the smartphone version of the service as well as supporting its localization efforts. Memolane CEO, Eric Lagier feels very enthusiastic about the new partnership, he commented: ‘We are very happy to be working with the great team at Digital Garage who continues to be instrumental in representing social media services such as Twitter in Japan with amazing results’. Digital Garage will provide adding support for popular social media services as well as assist with customer support in Japanese. Both parties have aspirations to establish a joint venture in the future to assure continuous growth of Memolane in Japan.

・Company Name : Memolane, Inc.
・URL :
・Date Founded : June 2010
・Headquarter : San Francisco, CA, USA
・CEO : Eric Lagier
・External Shareholder : August Capital, Atomico, DGI

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