Global startup incubation program Open Network Lab welcomes 7 teams, including one social entrepreneur team, to its third edition.

Global startup incubator Open Network Lab (henceforth ONL), jointly run by Digital Garage, Inc. (JASDAQ: 4819, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, President & Group CEO: Kaoru Hayashi, henceforth DG),, Inc. (TSE Mothers Securities: 3328, Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan, President and Group CEO: Teruhide Sato) and, Inc. (TSE First Section: 2371 , Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, President: Minoru Tanaka), selected teams eligible to participate in its third edition of ‘Seed Accelerator’ program.

Since its establishment in June 2010, the Seed Accelerator, in accordance with its goal to support engineers aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs, has helped a total of 11 teams develop their startup ideas. Among others, ‘giftee’ ( – a service where a user can send small gifts through Twitter or email and Sassor, Inc. ( – the Energy Literacy Platform indicating how much electricity one consumes at their home, were brought into existence within the program.

Application process to the third edition of the ‘Seed Accelerator’ began on April 16th 2011. This time, apart from a general application category, a social entrepreneur category has been added in order extend participation to those budding entrepreneurs whose ideas were aimed at solving social problems. As a result, a total of 56 teams, from Japan and worldwide, have applied to the program. The candidates were judged based on the originality of ideas, constructiveness and global competitiveness of business vision as well as IT skills. Seven teams, six from general category and one from social entrepreneur category were selected. Final decision was reached by a President and Group CEO Kaoru Hayashi, DG co-founder Joi Ito, a President and Group CEO at Teruhide Sato as well as a Chief Director at Atsuhiro Murakami.

Starting from 1st July 2011 and ending on 30th September 2011, the qualified teams will be working at the ONL office to develop their products. Throughout the program, the teams will be receiving valuable advice from the experienced engineers, developers, and entrepreneurs. Immediately following the program, the teams will be able to demonstrate their products at a DG sponsored event.

≪List of qualified teams≫

Representative Service Name Service Description
General Category
Bora Savas Pecoq Social platform which you can share and discover the world around you through barcodes.
Hiroaki Sengoku Chillax Social Fitness Platform
Masashi Takahashi FindJPN Booking service for travel experience.
Taro Fukuyama mieple Friends’ Introduction Platform.
Billy Kosuke Martyn ABCLoop ABCLoop is a language learning community where conversations in English and Japanese are translated and checked by everyone who uses it.
Eiko Matsumura Social Fashion Commerce Service
Social Entrepreneurs Category
Fujio Kojima PIRKA A mobile application that encourages people to pick up trash.

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