Basic Information Security Policy

Basic Information Security Policy

The corporate mission of Digital Garage and its subsidiaries* holds it important that each employee contribute to the betterment of society by creating new business opportunities and achieving our sustainable growth. We recognize the role our information systems (i.e., data, computers and networks) play in this goal and maximize their values as information assets.

Digital Garage believes it is imperative to maintain the completeness, confidentiality and availability of the information for use by clients, business partners and ourselves in the interest of our mutual success. We achieve this goal by understanding the importance and value of such assets and implementing effective security measures.

In order to offer better services and foster our relationship of trust, every employee must fully recognize and understand the importance of information security in protecting our assets, brand image and the trust that our clients and business partners have in us.

Against this backdrop, we established a basic information security policy to properly secure our information assets from various threats. The policy expresses our commitment to the development of an information security system and to improvement in management and operation.

Employees at Digital Garage strictly adhere to all information security provisions and demonstrate responsible conduct in compliance with the protocols of applicable regulations, business practices and our code of conduct, as well as contractual security obligations.

Code of Conduct

  1. Promote employee understanding of the importance of information assets and the security thereof and thoroughly demonstrate appropriate usage of information assets, facilities and equipment.
  2. Conduct risk assessment using defined internal standards to identify the company's essential information assets and related threats and vulnerabilities. Furthermore, take appropriate risk management measures in order to prevent the occurrence of any events or accidents concerning security, such as unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification or leakage of the assets.
  3. In the event that a security problem arises, take swift action to investigate the cause, implement corrective measures to minimize the impact and undertake actions for prevention, maintenance and improvement.
  4. An employee who breaches applicable laws, the basic information security policy, related security rules or internal regulations, will be subject to penalty in compliance with the company regulation manual (including secondary regulations.)
  5. Conduct ongoing activities related to the aforementioned policy and establish a management system to counter potential threats through continuous review, revision and improvement of the contents of the policy.

Established July 1, 2008
Kaoru Hayashi
President and Group CEO
Digital Garage, Inc.

This basic policy applies to Digital Garage, Inc., DG Solutions, Co., Ltd., Creative Garage, Inc., DG
Media Marketing, Inc., DG Incubation, Inc., Technorati Japan, Inc., CGM Marketing, Inc. and DG & Partners, Inc.

*The original Japanese document is the authoritative version.