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Connecting diverse business areas with contexts, discerning the evolution of technology, and building a system capable of ongoing business growth

Digital Garage provides "new contexts" through the Internet by implementing three core technologies: IT (Information Technology), MT (Marketing Technology), FT (Financial Technology). Our core competence is the ability to integrate these multi-disciplinary technologies together into a one-stop seamless solution.

As a "context company", Digital Garage combines events occurring in different business fields by using the three technologies IT, MT and FT, in order to complete a new "context."

Incubation model applying the enabling platform

The Marketing Technology Segment and Financial Technology Segment are generating stable earnings as two earnings bases (enabling platform). Digital Garage’s incubation model uses this enabling platform to invest in and nurture companies in Japan and abroad. Adding DG Lab to this incubation model, we are striving to continue contributing to society by further accelerating incubation, and developing and providing useful services.

DG Lab

Discovering Technological Foundations to Build New Business Pillars

As forefronts in the wave of technological advancements- Digital Garage, and KDDI has collaborated to found “DG Lab”. Synergistic collaboration with portfolio companies all over the world, allows for DG Lab to create high level products and services; with a focus on 5 core technologies: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), xR, Security and Biotechnology. DG Lab hopes to create a “Bauhaus* of Technology” in which leading engineers and designers driven by Design x Data x Technology, could actively discuss, debate and create a global platform.

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